By Brad Tank | January 16, 2019

What Auto Insurance Limits Should I Have?

Tabitha: Hey everyone. This is Tabitha from the [inaudible 00:00:06] Agency Allstate. I wanted to take some time, and answer some questions that we often hear when we are answering the phone in the office, and I know that a lot of people often wonder about, but never really take the time to maybe call their insurance agent, and ask, or when they’re getting quotes, a lot of times they’re not told these things.
I know for me before I became an insurance salesperson, and come into the industry, I would always call around, and get quotes from different agencies, and different companies, and a lot of times I would just give them my VIN numbers, give them the drivers, or my policy, and ask for a price, and that would be about the conversation that we would have. On our agency we do things a little different. First of all, we all go over the three key coverages that are on your auto policy, and those are your liability portion, which covers the other people if you’re in an accident.
And then, the portion that covers you and your family, and the third portion that we go over is your automobile coverages. Now, today, I just wanna talk to you about the liability portion for just a few minutes. The liability portion of your auto insurance is the most important part of your insurance. This covers someone else if you’re in an accident, and it’s your fault, and if a lot of you don’t know this, you are actually able to pick those limits, so when you are getting quotes, or you’re thinking about switching to a new insurance company, you wanna be sure that you understand what those limits are, and why you need them.
A general rule of thumb is that you want to have enough liability coverage on your auto policy to cover at least what your assets are worth, so if for some reason you don’t know what those coverages are, if you’re looking at your auto policy, and you’ve never been told what they are, or maybe help to understand what you should have, then I encourage you to give us a call. We’ll be glad to go over the whole policy with you.
When we’re doing quotes, we go line by line, and we tell you exactly what each coverage means, and we also ask some questions on a case by case basis that help us to be able to determine what limits you should have, so it’s a very personalized auto policy to meet your needs. If you’re sitting there today, and you’re thinking that you have never been told what those coverages are, or you’re worried that maybe you don’t have enough, please don’t wait until you’re in an accident, and you’re sitting there thinking then, “After the accident I hope I have enough to cover this.” That’s often the time when we see people call in, and during the claims process of really understanding then what kind of coverages they have.
And, a lot of times people have chosen lower liability limits, and they find that they didn’t have enough to cover the accident that they were just in, and then, the bill gets sent to them after the insurance company has paid what those limits were, so you don’t wanna be in that situation. You want to go ahead, be proactive about it, call your insurance agency, or call our insurance agency. We will be glad to go over that with you. Even if you don’t switch to our, in to Allstate we’re still glad to go over those policies with you, and our coverages, and give you some advice on what liability limits that you should have.
So, that’s all I have for today. If you are thinking that you wanna call, and get a quote with us, or just discuss those coverages, please give me a call at 256-757-6100, and ask for Tabitha, thank you.