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Loving With All Our Brain

We are deeply saddened to share with you the story behind our latest community cause. Tyler Reesor is a 33-year-old man living with a brain tumor in his left temporal lobe, amygdala and hippocampus.

Tyler was diagnosed at 32 years old following many “deja vu” moments, passing out, and wrongly being diagnosed with panic or anxiety attacks. In October of 2016, Tyler woke up with a numb arm, after later finding his leg also going numb, he got an MRI. Scans revealed that the tumor had been growing and his many “deja vu” moments were in fact complex partial seizures. After extensive neurological and physiological testing, Tyler underwent a Wada test, where the part of his brain where the tumor subsisted, was put asleep. After concluding the test, they found out that if the tumor was removed, he risked losing his ability to make new memories. Frozen in fear, Tyler has decided to take a “wait and watch” approach. “Tyler and his family are fighters. We could never imagine the horror of having our own children go through the battle that Tyler is fighting emotionally and physically. We are all hoping and praying.”

With continued seizures ruining healthy tissue, Tyler has recently decided he wanted to move home to get help from his mother, Patti. Since the early diagnosis, Tyler has known that this part of the brain creates memories and that his condition could develop to a state referred to as “quasi permanent Alzheimer’s” due to the tumor location. We are encouraged by work being done at Mayo Clinic in this field and hope to take Tyler there for an evaluation.

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